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Serving Up The Holidays (2021)

A chef's best friend buys her a ticket to a holiday cooking getaway, where she encounters a handsome rival chef from her past.

Alyssa Doucet - Key Hair Stylist 

Vancouver Unit 

Prime Video

The Valentine Competition (2021)

While preparing to take over her mother's garden store, Catherine works with charming employee Jack to plan a Valentine's Day flower competition. Jack tries to win over the heart of love cynic Catherine.

Alyssa Doucet - Key Hair Stylist 

Love Stories in Sunflower Valley (2020)

Kate works at a Seattle newspaper and her new assignment takes her back to her hometown of Sunflower Valley. Her handsome co-worker comes along and they unravel a series of heart-warming love stories about the local townspeople.

Alyssa Doucet - Key Hair Stylist 

Prime Video

Take Off To Love (2020)

Interior designer Lily returns home to help her Aunt Maggie run her marina-side bed and breakfast when she meets Marcus, a handsome seaplane pilot whose work delivering rescue dogs helps Lily discover that home really is where the heart is.

Alyssa Doucet - Hair and Makeup Assist 

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